Friday, 17 June 2016

May Photo A Day

May 1 / Blue

May 2 / Routine / I drive an hour to work each day. Even though it's a long drive, I love it :D/Photo credits go to my wonderful sister Heidi Thiessen

May 3 / N is for...

May 6

May 7
This Means So Much To Me!
This shirt means so much to me. First of all it's from one of my favorite places on earth Turtle Mountain Bible Camp. Second it's such a important reminder for me. Surrendering my life to Jesus daily is something hard to do but it's unreal what God can do with each day if I give it to Him <3

May 8 / My Sunday

May 9
A Sign

May 10

May 11 / Tiny

May 29
On The Table

May 30 / Hair

May 31
I Saw This Today
Rainy day game playing :)

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