Friday, 31 January 2014

January photo a day

I do a photo a day thing that I got from It's really fun! Check it out. Here's my January photo a day:

January 11
Looking Down
I went for a walk down this trail this afternoon. The trail goes up a hill up to the train tracks by my apartment.

January 12
The bracelets I have on my wrist. Made for me by my sister Heidi and my friend Agnessa.

January 14
3 Things
My little friends that sit on my bed.

January 17

January 18
Happy Place
I went for a walk today and found this picnic table in the park by my apartment.I sat there talking to Jesus for a while. It was my happy place for today and I might just have to go there and talk to Jesus more often.

January 19
Coffee and a maple bacon doughnut.

January 21
A box of cookies that I got in a care package from my Grandpa and Grandma Thiessen. My first care package ever!

January 22
A birthday card that I got from my sweet second cousin Becky.

January 24
Your Space
This is the chair in our living room that I sit in all the time.

January 25
A Taste Of Summer/Winter
I went for a walk this morning down the walking trails along the river by my apartments. What a beautiful winter day!

January 26
Fun Stuff!
I talked to my little sister on the phone for a hour and 40 minutes this afternoon! I miss my sister so much. It's only 26 days till I get to see her.

January 27
Something I Bought
I went to see the second Hobbit in 3D on Saturday.

January 30
Best Invention Ever
My Grandma Thiessen always gives this lotion to me. It works so good!

January 31
Polka Dot

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A poem I wrote back in grade 11

Here's a little poem I wrote in grade 11 for school. It's not great or anything but it's kinda fun to look back on.

A Letter To Me
Enjoy living life
Take chances
You might face strife
Be careful when it comes to romances
Always lean on God
Be a good friend
It’s ok to be odd
The truth is yours to defend
Have a better attitude
Be as happy as a lark
Give God the gratitude
No need to be afraid of the dark

Friday, 10 January 2014

The one thing I do everday

Is there one thing you make sure you do everyday? Something that is a main priority in your life, that no matter what you always make time for it.
For me that one thing is reading my Bible everyday. It is such a important part of my day! I love reading God's word and getting encouragement for the day.
I take the bus to work every week day so I bring my Bible along and I read on the way. Sometimes when I walk from the bus stop to work I quote verses in my head to get me on the right track for the day ahead. Quoting verses also helps when I'm struggling with something it takes my focus of the problem and puts my thoughts on the verses God has put in my heart.
Reading the Bible is my main priority in life and I would encourage you to make it yours. Take a couple minutes out of each day to read God's word and you won't believe what a difference it will make in your life!