Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Something You Should Consider This Winter

I think that everyone should get winter tires and SLOW DOWN! That is if you live anywhere where the snow and ice effect your driving. Why I say this is because I don't have winter tires on my car and I got into a car accident this morning. I was driving to work and I was going around a icy curve which caused me to loose control of my vehicle. I did a total 360 and I hit another on coming vehicle in the side. The people in the other car and I are okay, thankfully! I believe that it is only because of God. My car didn't fair so well and the tow truck driver thinks it will be a right off. I also had to pay a ticket of  $175 for driving at a unsafe speed for the driving conditions. Even though I wasn't speeding I was still driving to fast for the conditions. Now that it's all over, the first thing that I think about is that God had his hand of protection on me and that it could have been much worse. The second thing that comes to mind is please be careful when driving in the winter. Slow down and get winter tires, it could save you from getting in a car accident!

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