Saturday, 16 November 2013

Looking for a book to read? Here's my picks!

I love reading! I pretty much never go without having a book on hand. I have read many books in my life but there are certain books that are my favorites and I would recommend them to others. Here are some of those:

1.Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis
This book is a great one for anyone that is from age 10 to 99. It is a true story about a young lady that moves to Uganda and adopts 13 orphan girls. It is a touching and beautiful story of what God can do if you just let Him use you. A very inspiring story!

2. The Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn
I read these when I was in my early teens and I loved them. I would recommend this series to any girl in her teen years. These books cover every topic that a teen girl will face in a fun and enjoyable read. It covers some hard topics such as drug abuse, teen pregnancy, anorexia from a great Christian perspective.

3.Adam by Ted Dekker
This was the first Ted Dekker book that I ever read and it hooked me. I love Ted Dekker but this is one of my favorites because it is the first one I read. This book is a great thriller about a serial killer that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the end.

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