Friday, 15 November 2013

Some places you should check out in Saskatoon SK

I have lived in Saskatoon Saskatchewan for a month now. I haven't done a lot of exploring but there are some places I have found that I think you should check out in Saskatoon.

1. First Mennonite Church
This is a cute little church with a very at home feeling. They have a pretty good choir that I really enjoyed listening to and a great pastor who had a message that could challenge everyone. There is mostly Seniors at this church but to me that didn't matter. They don't make you feel uncomfortable just because you are young. They make you feel at home and welcome. I don't think this will be the church that I will regularly attend but I really enjoyed going there this one time. I would highly recommend trying out this church just once, no matter what age you are.

2.Cold Stone Creamery
This is a ice cream place that is connected to a Tim Hortons. I really enjoyed their ice cream, it was flavorful and delicious. I had their Coffee Lovers flavor of ice cream which was a great choice for me because I love coffee. Since they are connected to Tim Hortons, you can have a delicious ice cream and top it off with a nice cup of Tim's. So go treat yourself at Cold Stone Creamery to a nice treat.

3.Mystic Java
This is a really nice coffee shop that I loved going to. It is a really nice place to take your laptop and get some work done or to take a friend out for coffee. I loved the quiet and comfortable atmosphere, it was just right. I had a London Fog and a piece of Chocolate Mousse Cheese Cake. The London Fog is made with Earl Gray tea and it's creamy and delicious. The cheese cake was to die for and they give you a huge piece. A great size to share with a friend. The next time you need a quiet place to work or a fun place to go with a friend check out Mystic Java.

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