Saturday, 12 April 2014

25 things I've learned

Here are some things I've learned...Some big some small:

1.Paint little girl's nails. Working at a daycare these past 6 months has taught me a lot but one little thing I learned is that little girls LOVE it when you paint their nails. It keeps them happy and quiet. Try it with one of the little girls in your life!

2.Don't wear makeup until you are 16. I thought it was dumb at the time but my parents didn't let me wear makeup until I was 16 but now I am grateful! It has taught me that beauty isn't found in makeup but in your heart. Now I wear makeup because I like to and because it's fun to do. I don't wear it because I feel like I can't go without it. I feel beautiful with or without makeup. If you are a parent consider not letting your daughter wear makeup until she is 16 and teach her that beauty comes from the heart.

3.Do things you enjoy sometimes. Take sometime every once in a while to do things you enjoy. Whether that's spending a whole Saturday afternoon reading or going out biking. Maybe you enjoy staying home and doing nothing or going on a little day trip. Make a point of enjoying life and doing the things that make it enjoyable for you.

4.  Have at least one parent stay home with the kids. I know it's not always possible because of some circumstances but if you have the option of staying at home with your kids really consider it. Don't you want to be there for your kids everyday-little-moments?

5.Dress up every once in a while. Girls, wear a dress and heals sometimes! ( Or a dress and flats if you are like me) If you don't feel like wearing a dress at least wear a nice shirt and a skirt. Be proud to be a women and be confident wearing a dress!

6.Be dependant on God.  Face it, you can't do life on your own, you need God's strength to make it through! Follow God and let Him lead you in whatever ways He wants you to go. Depend on Him because God is always there for you!

7.Pick flowers. For one thing picking flowers is so much fun whether you are a boy or a girl! If you are a girl put them in your hair and if you are a boy pick them for you mom or wife. Flowers are so beautiful, why not enjoy them by taking some time to pick them.

8.Be messy sometimes. Even if being messy makes you cringe inside, do it! Splash in puddles, throw snowballs, and make mud pies with your kids. Some of the best memories are the ones where you get messy and you don't worry about it.

9. Be someone that people will look up to. Always be ready to listen and after you have listened give the best advice you can. Most of all point people to God and take time to pray with people. Inspire those around you to live for God, now that's something worth looking up to! Ask God how you can be someone people will look up to and He will show you.

10. Show kids affection. This is another thing I've learned working at a daycare. Kids love it when you say "I love you" and when you give them kisses! If you show affection to kids they will do the same to you and you will love the I love yous and kisses you will get back.

11. Hold hands. Holding hands is such a sweet way of showing love. Whether you hold a little kids hand or you wife's hand, do it!

12. Believe in yourself. If you have Jesus in your heart you have no reason not to believe in yourself. Whether you have a test, a recital, a first date, or your first day of college, remember that you are capable of doing anything if you have Jesus on your side.

13. Tell the women and girls around you that they are beautiful. Tell your friends randomly in school, your daughter after she plays a soccer game, or a women on her wedding day. Women need this reminder! Reassuring someone of how beautiful they are is such a blessing, take it from someone who has experienced it.

14. Love you spouse. Having parents that truly loved each other has taught me how I am going to love my future husband. Your kids won't learn to love their future spouses if their parents don't love each other. Make a point of showing that you love your spouse in front of your kids.

15. Make snow forts. Make a pile of snow into a tunnel or a cave,use your imagination and be creative. Let that kid inside of you come out and have a little fun!

16. Read. Read fiction and nonfiction. Also read the classics (Although I can't really tell you to do that because I haven't read many of the classics) Most importantly read the Bible. There is such beauty in words on a page! Take the time to enjoy reading.

17.LOVE. Love with passion! Love your family and friends but also love strangers. Express your love. Love with no restraints. Don't just love but love with the love of Jesus. Choose to love.

18.Dance and sing. Even if it looks or sounds silly, just do it anyways! Blast music, sing, and dance, I dare you.

19.Have someone you can share your secrets with. Have someone you can talk to about anything. Someone you can talk about everything from the opposite sex to work. Someone who will truly listen. Someone you can ask questions. Someone you can share your dreams, hopes and concerns with. If you don't have a person like this in your life ask God to give you someone. Also remember that God is always there to listen.

20. You your manners. I know I sound like you mom but trust me it doesn't look good if you don't use your manners. The world will be a happier place if we smile more often and if we are polite.

21.Learn when it is a good time to speak up. If you hear someone teasing a little kid because of their glasses or someone making a comment about someone else being fat, speak up. People deserve respect!

22. Be careful who you give your heart to. Be careful when you are giving your heart to someone of the opposite sex. Even though he might be prince charming or she might be a beauty queen make sure you aren't just giving your heart to them because of their looks. If the people you love disapprove of him or her there is probably a reason. Make sure you always talk to God about those  you are giving your heart to.

23. Mentor someone. Mentoring someone won't always be easy but when you look back you will be grateful you took the time to invest into a young life. Share the joys of life so they will want to love life. Remind them over and over of the words of the Bible and the indescribable love of our heavenly father. No one can replace a godly mentor in a young life.

24. Be a nurse when the people you love are sick. When someone is sick, rub their back, make them soup, and cover them with blankets. No matter how old they are, who doesn't enjoy being cared for! These are the moments people will remember you for.

25. Be there for those you love. When they are sick with a cold or a broken heart make sure your loved ones know they can come to you. Make them feel welcome coming to you with anything. When one of your loved ones gets engaged or pregnant, they will run to you with the exciting news.  When they are lost or confused, they will search for you. When they need advice on, the opposite sex, work, friends, or their next purchase, they will come to you. Your loved ones need a safe place where they can share their heart and be open. Be that safe place.

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