Friday, 13 March 2015

What am I thankful for this week?

This week is almost coming to a close...So I am thinking back on this week and making a list of some things that I am thankful for this week. You should try it too :) It's so important to be thankful to God for all the good things He puts in our lives, that put a smile on our faces! Here goes my list......

  1. House church on Sunday
  2. I got my health card application finished and sent
  3. I got a job, that I start next week
  4. I went to Brandon with my grandparents
  5. I went out for supper with a friend I hadn't seen in two and a half years
  6. I got everything worked out so I can work at camp this summer
  7. College and Careers on Tuesday
  8. I was able to workout almost everyday this week
  9. I finished a book and started a new one
  10. Had the house to myself for most of Monday
  11. Got up early one morning this week
  12. Won my coffee through third roll up the rim
  13. Bought the last season of Flash Point
  14. The beautiful weather this week
  15. Sunday school and church on Sunday
  16. I painted my nails
  17. Read my Bible everyday this week
I'm sure I could make this list way longer but these were some of the things that I am thankful for this week :D

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